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I cannot believe this is all free!

Webcams have certainly come a long way! I got started on the net as a surfer some time back in 1996 when webcams didn’t exist. By 2002 they were beginning to be around, but you had to pay through the teeth to see a chick actually get naked. Not even a nipple! And when you did it wasn’t crystal clear like it is now. No way! That shit from back then was grainy as all fuck and blurry as shit. Not these days!

Now you can go to and watch unlimited numbers of cams all for free. How? Fuck if I know, but I like it!

This couple is evandmikee and they have sex without you having to pay a dime. They fuck all week long and often do so for hours. Gotta give it to the young, right?

And these two aren’t the only ones!

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You can find more voyeur cams and all sorts of other freaky shit. It is all free. What are you still doing here?

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The other day, I came across some sex tapes of me with an ex-girlfriend from many years ago. My current girlfriend wasn’t home, so I watched them and felt pretty pleased with myself. I need to convert them to a digital format so I can get rid of the hard copies. I know keeping them around is looking for trouble, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them entirely. I am selfish like that.

I always wonder what it is like for webcam couples when they break up. I am sure they end up losing out on quite a bit of income, plus they are on the internet fucking for all future partners to uncover. The girls could still do great as solo models, but the guys? If they only do straight shows, they are only as good as the girls they bang.

I was watching this hot couple having sex on cam yesterday. After it was over, I realized how incredibly average he was. The guys like to pretend to be valuable and in charge, but I was basically paying to see her take cock. He could have been entirely invisible except for his cock. I hope he treats her right for all she does for them.