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Tame the Spending Not the Cock

The amount of money I spent joining porn sites and watching cams in January was absurd. Honestly, I am pretty ashamed of myself for letting it get that far. I know better. The thing is, the holidays were rough and the new year was even worse. I got dumped and have not been handling it well at all. I sought comfort in cam girls, and it felt great until I looked at my bank statement.

So now here I am, still in a shitty place from my breakup, and now almost broke financially too. It’s time to clean myself up and do better. I know where to go for the best porn deals, so I need to use that knowledge. I can watch streamate cams for free and use the money I save to go out and meet people instead. I’m going to tame my spending, but not my cock. I plan to have a new girl in my bed by Valentine’s Day. Maybe more of a fuck buddy than a girlfriend, but a real live, flesh and blood distraction.